Maine Coons

Country of origin: U.S.A.

Short history Pedigree

The name Maine Coon  comes from the state Maine in the USA where the cat was found originally. Coon stands for Raccoon, pointing out to the resemblance between the long tails of these cats and raccoons. Maine Coons have been showed since 1985  in the USA. The Maine Coon were at that time very popular until the English introduced Persian cats. As of that time Main Coon were not seen many times on shows anymore. However as housecat and to exterminate harmful vermin, the Main Coon was still very popular around the state of Maine.  In 1951 several breeders and loverd  picked up where they  stopped. In that same year the first pedigree association for Maine Coon was founded. They started organizing special shows where only Maine Coons where welcome. The official standard for the Maine
Coon was set in 1967 and it took over 10 years after that before the pedigree has been recognised by most cat associations. 

Pedigree description

Head: Average width and high cheekbones. The firm chin forms one line with the nose and the upperlip.  Vieuwing from the side the nose shows  a slight difference in hight.

Eyes: tall,slightly oval and somewhat conical.

Ears: tall and width at the base. They are placed high on the head wide from each other and and spits pointed. Typical are the ear tufts growing from the inside curling to the outside. The lynx tufts are very disired.

Body: It is the tallest domosticated cats we know, aspecially tomcats have to life up to that expectation. The muscular body is less high than long with a width chest. The muscular legs have a average length with heavy bonestructure and the tall round feet show little tuft between the toe' s

Tail: Long, it should stretch minimal to the neck when put over the back.

Coat:  Half longhair which must be longer on the belly, flanks and tail. A collar is disirable. The structure of the coat depends on the color. During summer the coat is shorter than in winter but the tail will always keep ite full coat.

Colors: The Maine Coon comes in the so called naturall colors  black, blue, red and creme with or without white, tabby or silverwhite underneath the coat. The way the color is divided is of secondary importance.


Main Coons are uncomplicated, friendly and well humoured cats. In general they get along with other cats  and if they get acquainted  with dogs while they are still young they get along fine to. Towards people and children the Maine Coon is very friendly. Thanks to their abbility to adjust they feel at home aswell on the countryside as in the middle of town on a secondfloor appartment. Most Main Coon like to be hugged en will experience  weekly brushing as a welcome variety.



The half long hair coat of the Main Coon is self-cleaning and normally with brushing once a week it will stay in good condition. Try not to be to rude if you use a comb you just might harm the coat. In spring and summer the coat will moult especially round the collar and the longer parts.

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